We've had two MSc Forestry distance learning students and two MSc SUTROFOR students complete local knowledge projects with us this year as part of their dissertations in Zambia, Malawi, Uganda and Morocco. Emilie and Alan have just come back from running our first Spanish AKT course in Peru and they had a great time with researchers there. 'From coca to cacao farming' was the topic in Peru!


It's been a while since we shared some news but the latest is that we recently ran a local knowledge training course in Eastern Uganda as part of the ACIAR funded 'Trees for Food Security' project which went really well and we're planning for the next course to run in Peru later in the year and Vietnam next year. There are currently three researchers from ICRAF and four Bangor MSc students doing local knowledge fieldwork under our supervision in Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Malawi, Zambia and Morocco.

Check out photos from all our trainings in 2013 and 2014 here.

For those of you with any questions on the methodology and software that we use, please post them on the discussions page and we'll answer you as best we can.